Seward Wish List
Mike Robinson, Seward Band Director, would like used band instruments that are laying around the house collecting dust that can be put in the hands of a student. Even instruments that may need minor repair will be accepted. These can be deducted from your income tax too. Drop off in the main office.

Marilyn McGovern (Room N207)would appreciate posterboards for student projects and three-part boards for History Day.

Lynda Ott (Room 211) wishes for a carpet sweeper/hokie, a heavy duty hole punch, quadrille 4 X 4 notebooks, 2.5 inch three-ring binders with plastic clear pocket covers and sheet protectors for the binders.

Lisa Herr (Room 208) is looking for a large bookshelf for her classroom library (anything about 6' tall by 3' long by 12" deep), three-ring binders; cushions or throw pillows for when students work in the hallway and magazines (school appropriate!).

Agnes Kilpatrick (Room 209) would like 30 shoe boxes for genre diorama projects.

Kathy Lange (Room 107) has a student who is new to the country and does not have a winter jacket or boots. She'd like a winter coat, size 6, and boots in size 1, both in slightly used condition. Her classroom would also appreciate a 10 gallon aquarium for hermit crabs.

Beth Lewis (Room 106) would like a working toaster/toaster oven and small representations from different cultures that can be displayed on her bulletin board in her room.

Jodi Stee (Room 109) would like green carpeting to recover her platform, someone to install the carpeting on the platform, a green 6 x 9 ft. area rug, an office chair for her desk, coasters for the power board($15) and a subscription to Ranger Rick magazine.

Karen Utter (Room N100) would like  (new requests in green!!!):
working sewing machines, nice patterned or plain cotton fabrics for quilting, needles, thread, embroidery hoops and volunteers, (especially crafty ones!) to help students with a basic quilting project.
She also continues to need: catalogs to use for collages: things that have children's stuff in them e.g. lakeshore learning, mindworks, creative kids; another great one is the Signals catalog from public radio and the one from public TV.  She would also love paint smocks, which can be old adult button down shirts or aprons or anything that will help keep paint off the kids. Paper towel cardboard tubes and boxes of shoebox size or smaller would also be useful. Karen would also appreciate Archer Farms (Target) take and bake pizza boxes (they are a good pizza and the box makes a perfect frame or shadow box.)