Review of Water                                          Test the week of January 27 – February 3, 2015.


I can define properties of water including:

·      Absorption

·      Beading

·      Surface tension


I understand that:

·      Water flows

·      Hot water expands

·      Cold water contracts

·      Hot water is less dense than cold water.

·      Frozen water is less dense than cold water.


I can explain that:

·      Evaporation is the process of liquid water turning into a gas

·      Condensation is the process of water vapor or water in a gas form turning back into a liquid.


I can explain and draw a diagram of the water cycle including the following stages:

·      Evaporation

·      Condensation

·      Precipitation

·      Run off

·      Collection or accumulation


I can describe the three states of matter:

·      Solid: have molecules that are packed very tightly together and so keep their shape

·      Liquid: have molecules that are not held together as tightly, but still stay together. They take the shape of the container they are in.

·      Gas: have molecules that move away from each other. They take up as much space as possible.


I know:

·      That dirty water in a lake can affect the plants and animals (including people) around the lake and that my behavior can affect water quality.

·      Two ways I can conserve water

·      Metal conducts heat more quickly then wood or plastic do.