Seward Students attend the Annual 5th and 6th Grade Math Challenge


Seward fifth and sixth grade students spent Saturday April 28, 2013 at North High School doing three hours of math. They competed against some of the strongest math students in the district.

Seward walked away with a few great awards! Out of over 600 students, 5th graders Keegan Conlee received first place and Jason Berry received second place! One of our 5th grade Seward teams came in second place for the best all-around team. Congratulations to all.

Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) Student Activities Department hosted its annual 5th & 6th Grade Math Competition in the North Community High School cafeteria on April 28. Over 600 students from 23 schools participated in the competition, which took place between

Individual Math Challenge Winners - Pictured from left to right- Seward's Jason Berry and Keegan Conlee with students from other schools
8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. The competition consisted of both individual and team rounds that covered a variety of mathematics skills aligned with the school district’s math standards.

During the individual competition, students were given three minutes to complete a warm-up fact drill. They then participated in five 12-minute rounds, each including eight questions. The first and second rounds focused on space, shape and measurement knowledge as well as number sense. In the third and fourth rounds, students examined patterns, relations and functions; data and uncertainty data investigations; and randomness and uncertainty.

During the group competition, teams of four students participated in three 15-minute group problem-solving

Seward 5th-graders-2nd Place Best all-around team. Pictured left to right Karen Utter (teacher), Abdullahi Ibrahim, Jason Berry, Masango Akale, and Nelson Munene
rounds, each including eight questions. Each team submitted a single answer sheet for judging. Parents and community volunteers worked as checkers, double checkers, recorders and proctors.

An awards ceremony was held following lunch. All participating students received ribbons recognizing their involvement in the event. Individual ribbons were awarded to the top scorers in the fact drill, individual round and team round. Winning teams received plaques for their schools, and winning team members received additional ribbons.

For more information about the competition, contact Derek Emery, Director of Student Activities, at 612.668.0167 or Kelly Neiber Coordinator of Student Activities at 612.668.0157.