History Day Regionals for Seward


Updated: March 24, 2014

Forty-three Seward students and their 28 projects competed at the History Day Regionals on March 22, 2014 at Anwatin Middle School in Minneapolis. The following projects were recognized and/or move on to the State competition. Congratulations!

Honorable Mention Ribbons (7 students | 4 projects)

  • Talia Bradley and Darla Dennis - Roe vs Wade - Group Documentary
  • Sam Klevin and Avery Liebren - Miranda vs. Arizona  - Group Documentary
  • Madeline Mahoney - The Silver Spring Monkeys - Independent Exhibit
  • Connor Snowden and Mateo Pignatello - The Mexican Revolution - Group Exhibit

State Qualifiers (18 students | 12 projects)

Individual Exhibits

  • Eliza Lopez - Blowout! Chicano Civil Rights and the Responsibility of L.A. Schools
  • Sophie Nansen - Logging at Itasca State Park: Protecting Minnesota for Future Generations
  • Sarin Sherrell - China's One Child Policy
  • Annika Mikk - The Triangle Factory Fire: The Locked Doors of Worker's Rights

Group Exhibits

  • Ruby Woletz, Sophia Manolis - WWII POW Camps in MN: An Opportunity to Respect Prisoner's Rights

Individual Documentaries

  • Ella Johnstad
  • Ben Maruggi

Group Documentaries

  • Caroline Haarman, Beatrix DelCarmen
  • Rose Letosfsky, Vivian Sieger

Individual Performance

  • Anna Mulhern

Group Websites

  • Ben Tennant, Ben Jaeger, Will Danaher
  • Sophia Haase-Oliva, Quinn Williams



Congratulations seventh and eighth graders for all of your History Day hard work! Regional History Day is on Saturday, March 22, 2014.

Registration will begin at 8am and judging goes from 9am -­‐12pm with an awards ceremony starting about 2:30pm The students will be assigned a judging time.

All students moving on to regionals are highly encouraged to revise and improve their projects. They are competing against the best projects of all of the Minneapolis schools.

Here are the results from the judges. The following Seward Montessori projects will be moving on to the regional competition on March 22, 2014 at Anwatin Middle School:

Group Exhibit Boards: Kai Alton, Joe Branca, and Harun Samatar; Connor Snowdon and Mateo Pignatello; Francesca Cannon and Sonja Swanson; Nathan Gehrenbeck­‐Miller and Sean Powell­‐Burns; Sophia Manolis and Ruby Woletz; Anab Omar and McKayla Vega

Individual Exhibits Boards: Madeline Mahoney, Chloe Persigehl -­‐Flak, Mara Morgan, Marina Norby, Saryn Sherrell, Linnea Keire, Elisa Lopez, Sophie Hansen, and Denali Doying

Group Websites: Ben Tennant, Ben Jaeger, Will Danaher; Oliver Hersey and Simon Keepers; Sofia Haase­‐Oliva and Quinn Williams

Individual Websites: Feliz Ronkainen, Maya Shillander -­‐Barnes, and Alana Becker

Individual Performances: Anna Mulhern and Maia Roberts

Individual Documentaries: Maddy Tennant, Ella Johnstad, Ben Maruggi

Group Documentaries: Sam Kleven and Avery Liebren; Talia Bradley and Darla Dennis; Beatrix Del Carmen and Caroline Haarman; Rose Letofsky and Vivian Sieger

Research Papers: Abdurahman Adan and Nia Ritter have submitted their research papers to the state judges.

For more information visit: http://education.mnhs.org/historyday

History Day at Seward Montessori

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