Welcome to the Seward Roundtable!

The Seward Roundtable

Since 1994 the Minneapolis Public Schools has operated under a shared leadership, site-based decision-making model.  This means that each school has some kind of a “site council” that has the power to make some important decisions (within the many parameters of the district) about how the school is run.   This team of teachers, staff, principals and parents is charged with working together to define school goals, solve problems and improve student achievement.  At Seward, our Leadership Council is made up of the principal, assistant principal, teacher representatives from all grade levels, seven parents/guardians elected at a school meeting in the Spring for two year terms, and additional parents for one year terms.  Some issues the Council has addressed in recent years include: keeping Montessori trained teachers, increasing communication between Middle School teachers and families, overcrowding in the building, specialist classes, school food choices, increasing parent involvement, school safety,  equity across classrooms.   The Council meets in the early evening on the second Thursday of each month, with additional work done in committees as needed.  Parents, staff or community members who are not on the Council are welcome to attend.  Childcare and dinner are provided.  If you would like to have a particular subject discussed you are encouraged to talk with any Council member and contact the Principal or one of the co-chairpersons to submit agenda items.


Meeting Dates

Seward Roundtable dates can be found on the Seward Calendar