Seward Montessori Rain Garden
Seward's brand new rain garden!

The Seward Montessori Rain Garden was installed in June 2012.

As a school, our mission is to create a healthy, productive, respectful, and interesting learning environment where all children feel accepted, empowered, and inspired to learn; and thereby to educate children and build foundations to help them grow as engaged and successful citizens.

Located just three blocks from the Mississippi river, we at Seward Montessori feel we have a unique opportunity to help everyone in our community become more aware and appreciative of the river’s ecological significance, and the ways that our choices and actions can impact its quality. It is our hope that this rain garden project on our school grounds will lead others in our community to recognize, appreciate, and perhaps install their own such gardens elsewhere in the neighborhood. We also hope that in exposing and involving children in this effort, we lay critical groundwork for their developing environmental awareness.