Original School Building

Information was collected by students in Marilyn McGovern’s Local History classes using Seward School, 1887-1987 by Ingmar A. Lee,
Seward Montessori, and Northrup Montessori Yearbooks.

1887 – Seward Elementary School is established. Four teachers instructed one hundred and eighteen students. Lilla Hayes was the first principal. The school building was about half of the size of our current school building.

1901 – An eight-room addition was built costing $22,000. At this time Seward employed thirty-five teachers to instruct 1,253 students. That’s almost 500 more students than we currently enroll!

1916 – Seward has over fifty rooms – kindergarten, manual training, cooking, sewing, gym, auditorium, medical inspection, laundry, library, mechanical drawing, sheet metal, electricity, showers, conservatory, laboratory, and print shop – to name a few!

1920 – Mother’s Club is formed,

Mascot Mural
consisting of kindergarten moms.  

1936 – Mother’s Club grew to include all grades and became the P.T.A. during this year.

1948 – Seward provided students with additional elective classes that included Make up, Lampshades, and Sewing for girls; Gym, Woodworking, and Chip-carving for boys. Students could even take a Personality class.  At this time the P.T.A. raised $287,000 for renovating the school.

1950 – School renovation is complete. Seward purchases its first TV.

1959 – Plans for the new Seward were underway.

1965 – The official groundbreaking ceremony takes place on October 21st. Students carried their school supplies from the old building to the new building.

1966 – The dedication ceremony is held on December 11th.  The new school had a staff of forty-one teachers and an enrollment of 821 students.

1969 – The Park Board added Matthews Center to the school.


Students Love Seward
– The Northrup Dolphins become the Seward Sharks! Northrup Montessori, a K-6 school, moved into Seward Elementary. The School changed its name to Seward Montessori and included grades K-8. The Seward Montessori Leadership Council is established. This team of teachers, staff, principals and parents is charged with working together to define school goals, solve problems and improve student achievement. The Seward Splash is published.

1993 – The Middle School wing and Media Center are added. Construction is complete the following year.

1997 – The Peace Garden is established under the guidance of Principal Marilyn Levine. The garden is used in a variety of ways to promote wellness and to cultivate environmental awareness.

2002 – Seward becomes an Arts for Academic Achievement site.

2007 – The Green Committee began meeting in the spring of 2007. The Green Committee seeks to work collaboratively with parents, teachers, staff and students to educate our school community about environmental issues,

Go Sharks!
and increase awareness of and action around improved environmental stewardship.

2009 – The student body changes its school colors from blue and gray to green and silver.

2010 – Seward Montessori continues to be a K-8 school with approximately 870 students.  The principal was Dr. Marilyn Levine and Patrick Palan was the assistant principal. There were over 80 staff and faculty members and 37 classrooms and specialist rooms.

2013-2014 – Seward Montessori student population is 890 students. There are four all-day kindergartens (Children's House), eleven E-1 classrooms (1st-3rd grades), six E-2 classrooms (4th-5th grade) and a Middle School (grades 6-8) with approximately 100 students.  The principal is Tammy Goetz and the Assistant Principal is Verlene Green. There are over 80 staff and faculty members and 37 classrooms and specialist rooms. The MPS School Board approves funding for the addition of nine classrooms and other building improvements to Seward Montessori.