Seward Hosts Fix-It Clinic


November 2018 | by Rob Rossi

Do you have something that is not working right, but you would like to see working again? Whether you watched a bunch of YouTube videos and tried fixing it yourself, threw your hands up in despair looking for someone who could help (or after finding one and learning how much it would cost), or just don’t know where to start, look no further!

A bunch of eager and skilled volunteers are coming to the Seward cafeteria this Saturday, November 10th, from noon to 3:30 p.m. for the next Hennepin County Fix-It Clinic. They will be there to help you troubleshoot and fix your non-working stuff, for free! It will be like having a handy friend with some expertise in what you are having trouble with, right there to help! The goal of this program is to divert from the waste

stream non-working items that people would like to keep using. It has helped folks fix or figure out everything from mechanical monkey toys and jewelry to microwaves and dehumidifiers. There will be a crew of sewing specialists to help you replace broken zippers and mend clothes, a team of electronics folks who are good with everything from lamps to computers, and mechanical folks who have gotten paper shredders, antique clocks, and sewing machines back in business.

Please help spread the word! Share the Facebook event at and find out more at, but be sure to stop in on Saturday with your non-working stuff!