Seward Competes at Math Challenge


Update May 29, 2015

Seward 5th Grade Math Teams Shine in District-Wide Competition April 2015

Sixteen Seward students were among about 650 students from all over the Minneapolis Public School District who participated in the 5th grade math competition at North High School on April 25th. Actual math part of the competition took about two hours and 20 minutes. Louise Kelly, Katelyn Berry and Padon Kinzley were awarded ribbons for getting 39 out of 40 math facts right.

Soren Kung won a ribbon for a perfect score, 40 out of 40.

In individual rounds, Padon Kinzley took 3rd place for his skill in doing 40 word problems and Soren Kung took 1st place in the district.

The team of Padon, Soren, Emory Russell and Andrew Amaya took first place in the district for their accuracy in doing 3 team rounds of 8 word problems each.

The same team was first overall in the district for individual rounds and team rounds combined.

They will be bringing two plaques to Seward for permanent display.

Congratulations to all sixteen students and thanks to Coaches Karen Utter and “Dr. Steve” Margolis!

All sixteen participants thank their respective E-2 teachers for facilitating the hours of practice required to achieve these outstanding results.


Math Challenge Results for 6th Grade Math Challenge

Eight Seward 6th grade students went to the District-Wide Sixth Grade Math Challenge on Saturday March 11, 2015. These students were selected and released from math class by Abby Augdahl.

In alphabetical order, they were:

  • Abdullahi
  • Derrick
  • Eamon
  • Ella
  • Ellie
  • Jay
  • Lucas
  • Rahma

Ellie received a ribbon for getting 39 out of 40 right on the fact drill. In fact, 6 out of 8 Seward students got 36 or more right, equaling 90%, which is an "A" in most places.

Lucas received a ribbon for 23 out of 32 for individual rounds. This was a very tight race, with 1 point separating 4th from 2nd place.

Team 320 scored 20 out of a possible 24 to take second place in the district for team work. The school gets a plaque for this honor.

Also, Team 320, with an average 18.5 out of 32 on individual rounds, took second place in the district for overall score (team + individual), bringing another plaque to Seward. The two plaques will soon be on display.

Congratulations to all eight students, to Abby Augdahl, and thanks to Karen Utter for her administrative support and archive of previous questions. Thanks also to parents for getting the students to North High!

"Dr. Steve, coach"

P.S. Pospective parents of students should know that Seward has a 3rd through 8th grade gifted and talented math program from grades 3 through 8 with Karen Utter, Abby Augdahl, Nancy Barthel, Dr. Steve, and usually some parent volunteers who have advanced degrees in math. This year they were Jay Manoulis's mother and Derrick Dischinger's father.

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