Seward Chess Club Begins New Season

Seward Chess Club - 1st Place 2013 Statewide Championship (K-6)

Did you know that Seward Montessori has a championship team?

That's right! Seward Montessori placed first out of 28 teams in the 2013 Statewide Primary/Elementary Championship (K-6) and sent two members of its team to the Tournament of Champions where they placed 11th and 13th in the state. The Seward Primary (K-3) team placed 7th out of 32 teams.

The Seward Montessori Chess Club has been in existence and successful since the late 1990s. The Club has sent winning teams to various local, state and national tournaments for over 15 years. Club members work hard over the years to develop their skills and improve their play.
Thanks to current coaches Bill Garner, Tim Couture and Don Hooker for their contributions to the Seward Chess program.
Masango Akale - 10th Place State | 13th Place Tournament of Champions
the Chess Club
Seward Chess Club parents and students participate in fundraising activities to pay for coaching, tournament fees and equipment. We are currently selling Chinook Books (more details here) and will have other fundraisers throughout the year. Please consider donating to support our current club members and to help us make chess more accessible to the Seward Montessori community.
Parents and educators around the world acknowledge that chess is a powerful tool for developing higher order thinking skills, creativity, numerical and verbal aptitudes, and memory. It's also a lot of fun and great to be part of a club. Learn more about why kids should play chess.
Nelson Munene - 16th Place State | 11th Place Tournament of Champions
Join the Chess Club

The Seward Chess Club welcomes everyone--whether you're already playing chess at home or have never played the game. If your family is interested in participating in chess at Seward and would like to know more, please contact us at and one of our Seward Chess Club parents will get in touch with you. 
The Seward Chess Club is always looking for experienced and dedicated coaches and mentors to work with our Chess Club students and families. Contact us if you're interested in volunteering your time.