Seward's Parent Involvement Groups and Meetings

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Seward Montessori Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is the umbrella under which Seward Montessori parents come together to hold special events, donate much needed supplies, and keep bettering our best! The PTA supports its mission by raising money to fund field trips and after school activities, purchase classroom and media supplies, provide teacher and student grants, pay for child care for parents who wish to attend school meetings, and much more. ALL PARENTS are welcomed to participate at either a board meeting or a roundtable meeting.

Site Council

Through effective and inclusive communication and decision-making, the Seward Montessori Site Council acts to establish strategic planning, resource allocation, site-specific policies and processes designed to support the achievement of Seward students. Seward Montessori Site Council is open to any parent or community member who wants to work to improve the educations experience at Seward. Seward Montessori Site Council usually meets the first Friday of every month and during the monthly Seward Montessori Round Table the second Thursday of every month.

The Roundtable

A monthly parent meeting with updates from the PTA, Site Council, and School Administration. Often these meetings include a guest speaker or parenting/educational topic, as well as time for discussion between parents and staff. In person meetings include a light dinner and child care for ages 3 and up. Dates, times and virtual links (if necessary), can be found on the Seward Calendar.