We are a K-8 school located in the southeast part of Minneapolis.  The Seward learning community is dynamic, diverse and involved!  Our K-5 program is Montessori and our middle school is an inquiry/constructivist model with traditional 6-period schedule.  We offer AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination in our 4-8th grades), sports, chess, Lego-robotics, debate, after-school programming through Community Education and the Area Learning Center, and a host of other opportunities for our students.      

Seward teachers and support staff are hard working and determined to ensure students achieve and develop social/emotional skills that will prepare them for post-secondary options.  Our staff arrive at Seward early and leave late, serve on school and district committees, teach after-school programs, and volunteer at school events.  This type of dedication from staff exemplifies their commitment to education and the success of our students.

Seward parents are involved in a number of ways.  The Seward Montessori Roundtable is a once a month meeting where we share information, address issues and plan events/projects.  We also have a Middle School Parent Group that meets four times per year to collaborate with staff, plan events, discuss what’s happening in our middle school, and learn more about the lives of adolescents (cyber bullying, choosing a high school, typical developmental needs, etc.).  Seward parents volunteer in classrooms, on field trips, and at school events. 

It’s a pleasure to be the principal at Seward.  I am able to use my Montessori teaching experience and observe student growth from Kindergarten through 8th grade.  It’s a privilege to work with a diverse learning community.   The staff, students and parents are committed to continuously improving our school.   Seward is a great place to work and learn!

Thank you,