News and Notes from Principal Goetz

Principal Tammy Goetz

January 15, 2014

Dear Seward Families:

I want to remind you that your child(ren) has access to a terrific on-line math program called IXL. IXL is a math practice site that is aligned to the Minnesota standards. It’s a terrific way for Seward students to work on specific math skills that are tested on the MCA—which is an on-line test. Your child(ren) has a specific username and password to access the site. If you need that information, please ask the teacher if your student is in K-5th grade; ask Nancy or Abby for the username and password if your student is in middle school. Below is the usage data per grade level for Seward from September–December:

  • Children’s House: 170 hours 14 minutes
  • 1st Grade: 414 hours 19 minutes
  • 2nd Grade: 319 hours 55 minutes
  • 3rd Grade: 372 hours 14 minutes
  • 4th Grade: 826 hours 14 minutes
  • 5th Grade: 791 hours 25 minutes
  • 6th Grade: 105 hours 14 minutes
  • 7th Grade: 73 hours 16 minutes
  • 8th Grade: 15 hours 12 minutes

I challenge each Seward student to spend 10–15 minutes per night working on a specific standard!

The extreme cold weather certainly has limited our opportunities for recess. Please know we value recess and will send students out for play and fresh air as long as the temperature and wind chill are above zero. Our new Active Recess program has been highly successful and we want to be outside!


Tammy Goetz
Seward Principal