News and Notes from Asst Principal O'Connor Fisher


December 2018

Dear Seward Families,

At Seward, we teach common behavior expectations to all our students. We do this through our mascot, the Seward Shark. Each letter of the word “SHARK” represents a keyword that relates to our mission and vision. We have developed a behavior matrix that outlines these expectations in the classroom, hallways, lunchroom, office, Media Center, bus, bathroom, and at recess. We teach, model, and practice these expectations with our students on a regular basis. For more detailed information, refer to your child’s student handbook. Here are the characteristics of a Seward SHARK, in keyword form:

Active Leaner

During the month of December, we are focusing on being active learners. In the classroom, an active learner stays focused and on task. They participate and collaborate in class, are an active listener, and advocate for themselves by asking for help when needed.

Our teachers are creating goals with their classes, either individual goals or whole-class goals, that focus on active learning. Here are some examples of these goals:

  • Gwen’s Class (N127, Children’s House/Kindergarten): Per student, the goal is to count up to 30 and count backwards from 20 down to zero. Once a student reaches this goal it will be posted in the classroom. The awards will be posted all year, giving all students an opportunity to reach the goal. Tim’s Class (118, E1/1st-3rd grades): Class goal is to have 80% low voice and on-task working behavior during work time. The 3rd graders monitor this along with Tim. Karen’s Class (Science, elementary grades): Follow the classroom teacher’s goal if possible. Report to teacher at end of class. If the classroom goal is not usable, 80% low voice, on-task learners. Bill’s Class (Physical Education, all grades): Class goal of all students able to participate because they wore gym shoes. Lynda’s Class (N208, E2/4th and 5th grades): The class has five rules they are working on. The class goal is for all students to be on green, with a weekly goal of 80% of students on green. Jessica’s Class (Minnesota Studies, Middle School): Class goal of 90% of students arriving to class on time with binders.

Throughout the month of December we will celebrate classes and students achieving their goals. Pictures will be displayed on the TV monitors throughout the first floor. I encourage you to ask your children what their active learner goals are!

Way to go, Seward SHARKS!


Meghan O’Connor Fisher
Assistant Principal