My Life Plan

 My Life Plan

My Life Plan is a curriculum designed by the Minneapolis Public Schools School Counseling Department to explore interests, skills, careers, and post-secondary options using a computer-based program called Naviance. Middle school and high school students are taught different lessons (depending on grade level) by their school counselor to complete the milestones of My Life Plan. There are 5-6 milestones (lessons with learning targets) for each grade level.

6th Grade Milestones and Learning Targets

6.1  Welcome to Middle School:  Students learn strategies such as where and how to get help at school to help make the transition into middle school as smooth as possible. Students learn how to use Naviance and understand what Career and College Readiness (CCR) means.

6.2  Learning Styles: Students can identify their learning style and associated strategies to assist with their academic performance.

6.3  Career Interest Inventory: Students become aware of careers that meet their interests as well as post-secondary requirements for those careers.

6.4  Getting Ready for Post-Secondary Education: Students learn why post-secondary education is important and what is required to attend and pay for post-secondary education. Students learn which post-secondary programs align with their career interests.

6.5  Academic Course Plan: Students have an academic plan to assist them in meeting their education and career goals.  

7th Grade Milestones and Learning Targets:

7.1  Beginning of Year Check In and Habits of Success: Students review and practice habits of academic success. They get reacquainted to Naviance and understand where and how to get help in school.   

 7.2  Personal/Social Skills for Success: Students learn and practice personal and social skills for success.

7.3  What is Post-Secondary Education Really Like? Students will learn what post-secondary education is really like.

7.4  Financial Planning for Life: Students learn the connection between income and expenses and how it relates to careers they are interested in. Students identify how their goals impact their family and community. They will also understand the role of a budget and financial planning.

7.5  Academic Course Plan: Students have an academic plan to assist in meeting their education and career goals.

8th Grade Milestones and Learning Targets:

8.1  Beginning of Year Check In: Students understand what Career and College Readiness (CCR) is and how to use Naviance. Students also know where and how to get help at school.

8.2  My Strengths: Students learn, use, and talk about their strengths. Students also learn what career pathways align with their strengths.

8.3  Decision Making Strategies and Choosing High School: Students understand and apply decision making strategies within the high school choice process.

8.4  Types of Future Careers: Students understand how careers are organized and can identify their career areas of interest that will align with careers of the future.

8.5  Career Experience: Students learn career options and can align high school plans with career plans.

8.6 Transition to High School: Students learn how to make a successful transition to high school that includes a four-year high school course plan related to their career and post-secondary plans.