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This Month's News

The first week of school will be a time of getting to know your child. An academic picture will come to life for me as a teacher through reading, spelling, writing, and math assessments. I will be learning about your child's interests and challenges if you are new to room 110. One of my favorite roles is to watch for the innate talents that don't show up on tests, such as personality traits and quirks that will carry the children to a joyful relationship with friends, community, thinking and problem solving. A successful and happy career in the business world helps me to understand how to prepare a child for more than college. 

Notes and Reminders

Please remember to send an afternoon snack to share with the class in September. The sign up sheet at the Ice Cream Social is only a beginning. Gym Shoes are best left at school. If you can spare a pair.

Does your child eat breakfast at school?

Make sure that your child is in the classroom after breakfast by 7:45. Attendance is taken shortly after that.