Middle School Soccer League

Player Kicking Soccer Ball
Play Middle School Soccer!

July 2017

Minneapolis Public Schools is once again sponsoring a Middle School Soccer league. The League will be a Word Cup-style match up with pool play to determine top teams advancing to the Championship Tournament.

Download the Soccer League PDF for details and required student forms.

  • Practice Start Date: September 5
  • Game Dates: September 22, 26, 29; October 4
  • Game Location: National Sports Center, Blaine
  • Game Times: 4:00 & 5:30pm
  • Tournament Dates: October 6, 11, 13,
  • Championship Date: October 16 (5:30pm)

Middle School Soccer League Specifics

Transportation: Teams will be provided District Transportation for all games.

Pool Play: All teams will play teams within their pool.  Top 2 teams in each Pool advance to Tournament Play.  Teams will be awarded 3 points for regulation win, games ending in a tie will have a shoot-out: teams will be awarded  2 points for shoot-out win and 1 point for shoot-out loss.  Pool standing ties will be broken by the following criteria: 1) Total goals allowed;
2) Total goals scored; 3) Score Differential

Game Length: Games will be two 25 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime. 

Officials: Officials will be scheduled by District Athletic Office.  If officials do not show up for games coaches and/or parents should officiate.  Games will not be cancelled because of lack of officials.

Rules: High school rules will be followed with the following exceptions:
1) There is unlimited substitution. 
2) All eligible students must play in each game.
3)  If game ends in a tie a shoot-out will occur.  The referee designates which team captain will call the coin toss. The team winning the coin toss has the choice of shooting first or second.  Each coach selects three players, on or off the field (except those who were disqualified), to take penalty kicks. The teams alternate kickers with the goalkeeper being any eligible team member. The team scoring on the greater number of kicks shall be the winner. If the score is still tied, each coach will select one different player who shall take each kick, and not until 10 players of any team have attempted a kick, may a player of the same team have a second kick. When repeating the procedure, a winner will be declared if one team scores and the opponent fails to score.

Game schedules will be finalized when schools declare their teams. 
All Schedules are subject to change.