Matthews Park Playground Update

Matthews Park Rec Center
Matthews Park Recreation Center

August 2017

Matthews Park Renovations--A note from Minneapolis Parks and Rec staff

"You may have seen that progress on your playgrounds has been slowed by the intermittent rain. We apologize for the delays – although playgrounds are a relatively small job, there are many subcontractors and stages that must work in a certain order. Rain at the wrong times can slow a job down significantly. We were aiming to be done on August 8th and are still aiming for early August, but may be about a week behind. We have decided to reschedule the dedication ceremony – watch for notices but the plan is to combine it with the Kings Fair on September 16th."

"You may have also noticed that the center playground has been removed. This was an error by a subcontracting team; that playground was intended to have stayed, but the surfacing was to have been removed and replaced and the drainage systems were to be improved. As a result Matthews Park will have three new playgrounds, instead of two, and the new playground will be larger. The contracting team is replacing the basic equipment, but that container can allow for more play features. While we didn’t have the budget for a complete redo, we can add enough to provide additional play features beyond the one that was removed. This center playground will open later, but we are moving as quickly as we can to get a replacement playground in place. "

"We have received a few questions as to why we closed all playgrounds at one time. It is significantly more expensive to stage construction – multiple contractors for different trades would have had to remobilize and refigure storage, transportation, disposal, crew assignments etc – and we stretch our budgets to maximize the amount of equipment for the long term. We never like to close playgrounds, but given that the materials are both rain and temperature sensitive, summer is usually the best time for construction. (We can push it until late fall but the danger is that early winter forces the playground to be closed until late spring the following year- it’s happened). At Matthews we tried to time construction so that the pool would be open and school was out, but we know there is never a good time for playground to be closed."