Letter from Superintendent Graff

Superintendent Ed Graff
Superintendent Ed Graff

June 14, 2017

Dear Minneapolis Public Schools families:

I have truly come home. Just about one year ago, I returned to Minnesota to lead one of the most ambitious, diverse and resourceful school districts in the nation. With overwhelming support from students, parents, teachers, staff, the City of Minneapolis and untold numbers of community partners, I undertook a year of learning, listening and growth. Thank you. Without your insights, feedback and the space to plan and dream, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I can say without reservation I’ve never experienced the kind of passionate commitment to public education and to student learning I’ve experienced here in Minneapolis.

The people in Minneapolis know a quality public education translates to quality of life. To a person, everyone I’ve met in the past year has shared with me their insistence that the students in Minneapolis receive the kind of education that builds involved, productive community members.

That’s my goal — to give our students the kind of enriching educational experiences that allow them to follow their dreams. As you know, challenges to meeting that goal still exist and we will undoubtedly disagree on how to address some of those challenges. But because we are united in our goal to put the needs of our students first, I am confident that we will be successful.

Progress has already been made. We’re united in our work to make our schools safe havens for all our students, places where students and staff alike can feel secure enough to learn and be their authentic selves. We’re united in creating a budget that continues to align our limited resources more efficiently and effectively. We’re united in working together as a community to find equitable ways to meet the needs of each student individually while also honoring the needs of the whole.

Thank you for supporting my vision for Minneapolis Public Schools. Thank you for welcoming me back to my home. And thank you most of all for treasuring our students and their futures. I look forward to working with all of you in the year ahead.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer.

Ed Graff
Superintendent Minneapolis Public Schools

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