Language arts

     These are some of the Montessori materials we use in Children's House to help our young students better understand the concepts of letter sounds and shapes, the beginning knowledge
Sandpaper Letters
needed to learn how to read.

     Many students learn best by not only seeing the letters (visual) and hearing the letters (auditory) but by "feeling" them (tactile). 
These students are better able to understand the words and letters by drawing them in a shallow layer of sand.

     Another important concept for students to
have when
Metal Inset
learning to read is the ability to
recognize and form patterns.  The metal inset
allows us to teach this concept in a very real
and tactile way.

not only need to know the
letters of the alphabet, but the sounds
that those letters make in order to
understand how words are written. 
The moveable alphabet allows the
Moveable Alphabet
to isolate the letter sounds
and group them into the words they
are learning or already know.

Once students understand how sounds and letters go together to form words
they can move
on to the picture word match to gain a clearer understanding of how words describe items they see in everyday life.

These and other concepts help our students
to use concrete items to understand
Picture Word Match
importance in learning to read so they can
learn more about the world around them.