Welcome to Middle School Social Studies!

Hello and welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year!

My name is Jessica Grabe, and I am so excited for another amazing year at Seward.  It is a privilege to work with your children as well as the enthusiastic and talented middle school team.  

This year I will be teaching Minnesota Studies and U.S. Studies.  Throughout the year we will work as a team to create a classroom built on positive relationships. In class, the students will encounter activities that will teach to each learning style.  I will also incorporate AVID strategies to support all learners.  I am looking forward to a challenging year full of wonder and growth that promotes civically minded global explorers.

SUPPLIES: For class each day you will need: a spiral notebook, pencil, and a planner.

Classroom Assignment Calendars

Pink = US Studies

Green = MN Studies

Orange = History Day