Seward Montessori School Improvement Plan


Our school improvement goals are:

1. Show growth in academic achievement in math, reading and science for every Seward student based on daily work, grades and formative assessments and the MAP/MCA tests.

2. Increase the number of students who pass the MCA math and reading tests and science tests for 5th and 8th graders

3. Reduce the achievement gap at Seward

4. Reduce suspensions and behavior referrals


1. Every Seward staff member took the Intercultural Development Inventory. As a staff we are at the minimization phase. Instructional staff received individual results and suggestions for moving toward acceptance on the continuum. The suggestion is that in addition to an achievement goal, relevant cultural goal also be included.

2. 2-minute math timing for all students in 3rd – 8th grade (some 2nd graders when developmentally appropriate)

3. Implement Focused Instruction at Grades K, 3 and 6. Focused instruction gives us the grade level standards – we teach them via Montessori methods and philosophy in K and 3rd grade.

a. All grade levels: Learning targets, outcomes and assessments based on standards

4. We hired a Montessori math coach.

5. We hired an AE who will work with 4th and 5th graders who need extra time or support to master grade level math standards.

6. Every Tuesday we meet for up to 90 minutes to do professional planning or learning based on data: student work, formative and summative assessments

a. Professional Development

i. Middle School: differentiation
ii. E2 & Children’s House: math
iii. E1: math and cultural studies
iv. ELL: writing in science
v. Specialists: differentiation, peer group plcs

b. Action research

c. Professional planning time

7. Push-in / collaborative model of teaching for our English learners

8. Family Involvement via: volunteers, conferences, school events, PTA, Site Council, Somali Parent Group

9. Use of Second Step, Responsive Classroom, Development Designs and Envoy as pro-active behavior/community building strategies.

10. Referral and suspension data reviewed on a weekly basis to monitor success and determine which students may need extra support.