For information and assistance please contact:

Abdullahi Abdulle - Associate Educator |

Saeed Hussen - Associate Educator |

Current duties at Seward Montessori:

  1. Translate in meetings with students, administrators, teachers and parents regarding behavior and academic issues.
  2. Work during recess and lunch/breakfast with other staff members.
  3. Attend parent and district meetings.
  4. Make phone calls home regarding student issues, special events or for emergencies.
  5. Translate written documents or conversations.
  6. Serve as a cultural interpreter for students, parents and community.

As associate educators, we perform various duties. For example, we interpret, translate (English-Somali) and send robo calls in Somali. We also assist the school’s administration in communicating between the school and parents. We provide assistance to the teachers and reinforce classroom learning and behavior. We promote respect and support diversity among students and staff. Sometimes we solve the cultural differences between teachers and students. All in all, we help organize and make Seward Montessori a more diversified school.

Both can be reached at 612-668-4950