Health Forms

PDF Annual Health Information Form - English   --  Requested yearly of parents/guardians to let health office staff know about health issues that might interfere with learning or which may result in an emergency during the school day.
PDF Medication Consent Form - English   --  This form is a way for the parent/guardian and health care provider to authorize the school to give medicine to a student during the school day. Authorization is required for any prescription or over the counter medication.
PDF Medical Procedure/Treatment Consent Form - English   --  Parents/guardians requesting specialized health care procedures (such as G-tube fdgs, catheterization, tracheostomy cares) to be administered by school staff are required to provide annual written permission signed by the parent/guardian and the childs health care provider.
PDF Immunization Record Form - English   --  In order to attend class in Minneapolis Public Schools, students must show that they have had the required immunizations or that they are exempt.