Frequently Asked Questions...

Below are some frequently asked questions about Seward Montessori School.  If you aren't able to get your question(s) answered here, please call 612-668-4950 and we will direct your question(s) to the appropriate person.  If you have any FAQ suggestions or additions, click here!


Q:  What is the school policy on bringing treats or food to share with classmates (not including individual daily snacks)?

A:  In compliance with MPS district policy, food items will no longer be allowed to be brought to school. This includes healthy food as well as treats or candy. This policy helps to protect not only our students with allergies or other health conditions but the health of our entire student population.
Q:  What are the school start and end times?
A:  7:20 - Student drop-off, free breakfast available, 7:30 - Classes begin, 1:55 - Dismissal, 2:15 - Pick-up ends
Middle School

Q:  What is the middle school daily schedule, and the extended advisory schedule?

Advisory = 7:30-7:47
1st = 7:50-8:42
2nd = 8:45-9:37

3rd = 9:40-10:32
4th = 10:35-11:27
Lunch/Recess = 11:30-12:10
5th = 12:13-1:03
6th = 1:06-1:55

Extended Advisory (Wednesdays):
Advisory = 7:30-8:13
1st = 8:16-9:02
2nd = 9:05-9:51

3rd = 9:54-10:39
4th = 10:42-11:27
Lunch/Reces = 11:30-12:10
5th = 12:13-1:03
6th = 1:06-1:55

Q:  Is Seward's middle school a Montessori program?
A:  No, the middle school at Seward is a traditional middle school.  Children’s House (kindergarten) through E2 (4th and 5th grade) are Montessori based.
Q:  If my child did not go through a Montessori based elementary school, will the middle school at Seward be a good fit?
A:  Just because your child did not go to a Montessori based elementary school (Seward or elsewhere) doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a good fit for Seward in middle school.  The middle school is a traditional middle school, not Montessori.
Q:  What is advisory?
A:  Advisory is like homeroom.  Wednesday is an extended advisory schedule with social skills being taught by their advisory teachers in the classroom.  Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are an advisory period of about 15 minutes long.  
Q:  I want to see how my child is doing overall with grades, behavior, and assignments.  Who can I contact for more of a general point of view?
A:  You may contact any of your child’s teachers, their advisory teacher, Kaisa (the school counselor), or Tammy (the principal).  Email tends to be the best way to get in contact with classroom teachers.  Email or via phone works for Kaisa and Tammy.