1/18 Family Movie Night in the Media Center!


Dear Seward families,

The Seward Scholars (MS elective) are hosting a movie night to raise money to purchase more graphic novels for the media center. Graphic novels are the most popular books in the media center, and often there aren't enough available at one time. Graphic novels are not just comic books, they often have characters that are going through real life problems. You could also think of graphic novels as chapter books, but with pictures to support your imagination. Because there is limited seating, only the first families to turn in their sign-up sheets will be able to have seating options. There will be an optional donation as you walk in the door. All money collected will go towards purchasing more graphic novels for the media center.

Suggested donation = $10 per family or $5 for individual students Questions? Call Sarah in the Media Center (612) 668-4966

Sign-up sheets were sent home the week of 12/18. Click here to view.