Dur-Dur Band Performs at Seward

Dur-Dur Band Performs at Seward November 2014

Members of Somalia's acclaimed 1980's band Dur-Dur reunited for an enthusiastic performance at Seward in November 2014. Dur-Dur played to approximately 900 students and parents. The appearance was made possible through the Cedar Cultural Center.

Learn more about Dur-Dur and the Cedar Cultural Center's programs below.

The Cedar Cultural Center is a nonprofit music venue located in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood with the mission of cultivating intercultural understanding through the performance of music and dance.

The Cedar leverages its access to the world’s leading international musicians to create high-quality educational programs for students. Our 45-minute daytime performances are curated specifically for youth and are designed to promote intercultural understanding and diversity learning and to foster a lifelong appreciation for the arts. During these programs, musicians share their cultural background, describe and demonstrate culturally-specific instruments, answer questions, and perform songs tailored to the grade range of the audience. The Cedar has made an organizational commitment to present at least one daytime program per quarter (in addition to the Global Roots Festival shows) and works in partnership with K-12 schools and youth organizations to serve students that do not often have access to these or similar programs. These performances are offered free of charge for the schools and organizations we serve. Below is the upcoming daytime programs with Dur Dur band.

Dur-Dur Band is a musical group from Mogadishu, Somalia that was formed in the 1980s. Dur-Dur was one of the most famous acts in the Somali music scene at the time due in part to their large and robust instrumentation: At its peak, the group had three horn players, four lead singers, three backing singers, two guitarists, a keyboardist, a drummer, two percussionists, and a bass player. Their unique, high energy, cross-cultural, synth pop sound reflects influences of American funk, disco, soul, and West African music. Known as Somalia’s “last great party band,” Dur-Dur Band disbanded in the early 1990s when the civil war forced the musicians into exile, cutting off the band in its prime. The group released almost a dozen recordings before emigrating to Ethiopia, Djibouti, and America. "Awesome Tapes From Africa" recently reissued some of their albums, including Dur-Dur's Volume 5 mastered from a cassette copy. Pitchfork media says, "This record is a superb glimpse of what was and what's been lost."

Here’s a link to a song from the “Awesome Tapes From Africa” reissue on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/awesometapesfromafrica/11-dooyo

Read more at Dur-Dur Band at Seward and watch video of Seward students dancing at the Cedar's website: http://www.thecedar.org/midnimo/news/2014/11/seward-montessori-students-dance-dur-dur-band