Don’t Miss Tonight’s Roundtable Meeting!

Macarre Trayhnam

Don’t miss tonight’s Roundtable meeting! Thursday, April 12th, 2018 |  5:30 - 7:00 pm | Light dinner and childcare provided

Macarre Trayhnam, MPS consultant and Seward parent, will lead a discussion exploring identity, race and culture. She has led similar discussions for our Seward staff and Site Council.

Participants will identify & discuss people/events that have influenced their beliefs & values;

Identify how their beliefs & values have been formed, informed and sustained;

Identify how values, beliefs and behaviors influence and impact decision making, and past and current events;

Explore & discuss beliefs about race, culture and diversity and its impact to the work of the Seward Roundtable and Site Council;

Create a plan for next steps.

Please join us! We are excited to involve parents in this important discussion.