Books about Divorce/Separation

Was It the Chocolate Pudding?  A Story for Little Kids about Divorce  by Sandra Levins

 A boy describes the life of his brother and himself as they spend time at each of their parent’s homes.  He thought his parents got divorced because he got chocolate pudding all over his brother and the wall.  He also explains grown-up words in kid language.  This book captures the misperception of children that a divorce is their fault and emphasizes the need to talk with children about divorce. (K-2)

Do You Sing Twinkle?  A Story about Remarriage and New Family
 by Sandra Levins

A boy tells his story about living with each of his parents at a different time each week because of their divorce.  Then his mother remarries and he is 
angry about going to his dad’s house during the week because his mom will be reading and singing to his new stepsisters.  He acts out his anger in school.  Mother creates more communication between her and the boy and mentions that she had a 
step-brother too. This book captures some of the feelings of children around remarriage.  (Grades 1-4)

On the Day His Daddy Left  by Eric J Adams & Kathleen Adams

A young boy, Danny, has a secret question he writes on a piece of paper about his parents’ divorce: “Is it my fault?”  This is a brief story about how Danny wrestles with this question and about the answers that adults in his life give him. (K-grade 3)

Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide for Changing Families  

by Marc and Laurie Krasny Brown

This is a simple and helpful book explaining divorce to children through the words and actions of dinosaurs.  The book addresses the variety of feelings children have during the divorce process and the multiple questions and experiences that occur after a divorce.  (K-4)

Why Are We Getting A Divorce?  by Peter Mayle

This book offers 3 rules for kids about divorce:  Don’t think that your parents don’t love you anymore.              Don’t think that the divorce is somehow your fault.  Don’t think that it is the fault of one parent because divorce is never only one person’s fault.  This book discusses why people get married; what goes wrong; living with one parent at a time; being caught in the middle, etc.  (Grades 4-8)

 Divorce: Finding a Place  by Eileen Kuehn

This book for teenagers describes the stages of divorce and the challenges for a teenager.  It discusses reasons for divorce, normal emotional reactions to the divorce, and the adjustments demanded by a divorce. The book also covers issues of: relationships with friends, two homes, court, custody, and other topics.  It uses quotes from teenagers who have experienced divorce.  (Grades 7-12)