Course Outline

8th Grade Spanish  

Realidades Unit



Una fiesta de cumpleaños

Families, celebrations and parties, asking and telling ages, expressing possession, the verb tener


¡Vamos a un restaurante!

Family celebrations, describing family members and friends, ordering at a restaurant


En mi dormitorio

Describing bedroom items and electronic equipment, making comparisons, colors, verbs poder and dormer


¿Cómo es tu casa?

Identiifying rooms in a house, naming household chores, tú commands, the present progressive tense


¿Cuánto cuesta?

Talking about clothes, shopping and prices, describing likes and dislikes, demonstrative adjectives, stem-changing verbs of pensar, querer, and preferir


¡Qué regalo! 

Talking about buying gifts in different stores, telling what happened in the past, using direct object pronouns


De vacaciones

Discussing travel and vacations, more practice talking about the past


Ayudando en la comunidad

Describing volunteer work, the verb decir, indirect object pronouns, irregular past tense verbs


El cine y la televisión

Movies and television vocabulary, describing opinions, the verbs gustar and acabar de


La tecnología

Computers and ways to communicate, the verbs saber, conocer, pedir, server