Books about Bully Prevention

Stop Picking on Me: A First Look at Bullying  by Pat Thomas 

A good introduction to the topic of bullying; who bullies are; why they bully others; and how to stop bullies.  There are "What about you?" questions throughout the book to use for discussion.  (Grades 1-3)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Willy and Hugh  by Anthony Browne

Willy is friendless until Hugh comes along. Hugh prevents a bully from hurting him.  They help each other in different ways and illustrate the meaning of friendship (Grades K & 1)                                                                                                                                                     

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon  by Patty Lovell

Molly Lou Melon believes in herself.  She moves to a new school, gets teased by the classroom bully, and then wins over the bully with her attitude and her talents.  (Grades K-2)                                                                                                                                                            

The Bully Blockers Club  by Teresa Bateman

Lotty is being bullied in school by Grant.  Lotty tries different approaches to stop the bullying, but she is unsuccessful.  When she notices other kids being bullied by Grant, she forms a club with them.  Together, as the Bully Blockers Club, they speak up for each other and stop the bullying.  The book offers a  good example of the power of bystanders.  (Grades 1-3)                                                                                                                                                       

Don’t Squeal Unless It’s A Big deal: A Tale of Tattletales  by Jeanie Franz Ransom

One morning in class, many of Mrs. McNeal’s students tattled on other students for a variety of reasons.  Mrs. McNeal discussed the difference between a “big deal” and a “little deal” and encouraged them to settle the “little deal” problems themselves.  She made a new class rule: “Don’t Squeal Unless It’s a Big Deal”.  (Grades K-3)

Hey, Little Ant  by Phillip and Hannah Hoose

The little ant begs the boy not to step on him with his shoe.  The ant tells the boy about his family that needs him.  This book teaches: seeing things from a different perspective than yours and it also encourages empathy.  (Grades K-2)

The Recess Queen  by Alexis O’Neill 

Mean Jean, The Recess Queen, bullied all the kids in school until Katie Sue, a new student, arrived and played games without letting Mean Jean boss her around. Then Katie Sue invited Mean Jean to jump rope with her and they became friends.       (Grades 1 & 2)

Nobody Knew What To Do: A Story about Bullying  by Becky Ray McCain

Ray, a boy in the class is teased.  His friends hoped that the mean words would go away.  Fear kept classmates silent.  Finally a friend  went to tell the teacher who then helped stop the bullying.  The book demonstrates both the silence of the bystander and the positive effect that a bystander can have by speaking up.   (Grades 2-5)

My Secret Bully  by Trudy Ludwig

This is a story about relational aggression.  Monica is emotionally bullied by a friend; her mother helps her say something to the bully; and through the experience, she learns what a “real” friend is.  Excellent book to discuss exclusion, gossiping, silent treatment.  (Grades 3-6)

Say Something  by Peggy Moss

A girl notices 3 separate students who are picked on at school.  She feels sorry for them but she doesn’t say anything.  Then she has the experience of being picked on (in the lunchroom).  The kids she knew at the next table didn’t say anything.  The next day she sat with one of the girls who had been teased.  Excellent book about the silence of the bystander and the bystander speaking out.  (Grades 3-6)

Cyberbullying: Deal With It and Ctrl Alt Delete It  by Robyn MacEachern

Defines and gives examples of cyberbullying.  Gives information about myths about the internet; do’s and don’ts; and what to do if you are a victim or witness.  Lists ways to stop cyberbullying, including informing the police as well as the websites where cyberbullying occurs.  Has periodic quizzes throughout.  (Grades 4-6)

The Brand New Kid  by Katie Couric

Lazio is a new student at school and he is teased and taunted by everyone until another student, Ellie plays with him.  Her example results in the end of teasing by Lazio's classmates.  (Grades 1-3) 

Hands Are Not for Hitting  by Elizabeth Verdick

This short paperback book offers some ideas about why people sometimes hit but offers many suggestions about the positive things our hands can do.  (Kindergarten-Grade 1)

Words Are Not for Hurting  by Elizabeth Verdick

This short paperback book illustrates the difference between helpful words and hurtful words.