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May 2017

Seward Bike Sharks Update
by Lucas Nerbonne, Hazel McKinney and Rolf Scholtz

Seward Bike Sharks!

May 1st is the first day of our Spring Bike Challenge! Submit your team of four to or get a form from Linda in the office. The Team Challenge runs through May and will end with a bowling party for everyone who participates. Participants need a zap tag. If you need one talk to Linda in the office or to Lucas or Hazel on biking Fridays.

The zapper is back up and running. If you need to get a zap that you missed email and it will be counted in the system for you.

Excited to see you at the bike racks,

Lucas and Hazel

Seward Is Getting a Bike Shop!

Yes, you heard right: Seward will be getting its own “bike shop!” The school district is providing the school with new closets which will be used to store all the equipment and miscellaneous stuff that is kept in the Mondo room in the old lunch room. This frees up space for a bike shop! It will take some time to collect equipment, tools, and benches but we are off to a good start as Freewheel Bikes will be donating some of their old tools and Allina Health gave us some old bikes we can use for parts. We hope to have the shop up and running for the new school year. A big thank-you to Mary Delander and Tammy Goetz for making this possible.

To save some money we will be assembling the new cabinets and are looking for a couple handy volunteers that have some light woodworking skills. Contact Rolf ( if you would be willing to help out for a day.

Class Bike Ride Chaperones Needed

A couple of the classes will be going on bike field trips this spring and adult chaperones are needed. If anyone is interested in taking some leisurely bike rides with a class please email Rolf (

Bike to School Day will be held Friday, May 12th. We will have some prizes and of course hot cocoa and waffles. Help us beat last year’s record of over 100 bikes!