Become Allergy Aware!


April 2015

To Parents and Students:

Become Allergy Aware! Several students at Seward have food allergies, some of which could be life threatening. We want all students to be safe at school, so we encourage the following safety guidelines and actions.

• Inform the school nurse about the food allergies! The nurse will inform other staff who need to know and help develop an allergy action/emergency action plan for school.

• Students, inform your friends about your allergy, allergy symptoms, and plan of action if an allergic food is accidently eaten. • Parents/guardians, provide the school with an Allergy Action Plan signed by your health care provider. This plan should give guidance to school personnel about what to do for an allergic reaction.

• Students with life threatening allergies should have epinephrine readily available in the health office.

• Students should avoid eating foods they are allergic to, and read labels if they are unsure. It is important that foods are not shared with the student who is allergic if the ingredients are unknown.

• Students with allergies should wash hands frequently and avoid putting their hands into their mouths to keep from accidently touching and ingesting something they are allergic to.

• If symptoms of an allergy occur, do not hesitate to use Epinephrine. Most undesirable outcomes with allergies occur because of delayed use of this medicine. Epinephrine starts to work in 2 minutes and can wear off in 20–30 minutes. If Epinephrine is used, 911 will be called also.

• Students with allergies need to be self-advocates. Inform substitute teachers, coaches, any person involved in before or after school activities or other adults you have regular contact with at school of your allergies, and what to do for an allergic reaction.

• Our school lunches are peanut and tree nut free. Parents who will be sending a lunch from home for their child are free to pack the foods of their choice.

It is our hope that families will choose not to send foods containing peanut butter or nuts. Please call the school nurse at (612) 668-4953 if you have concerns or questions about these allergy aware recommendations.


Jessica Patterson, RN, LSN
Seward Montessori School Nurse