Meet our AEs and SEAs at Seward!
Jessi Wightman SEA
Jessi Wightman

Hello! My name is Jessi Wightman and I am a SEA. I went to St. Norbert College in WI to study Peace and Justice Studies and Religious Studies. I've been at Seward for three years and I've finally taken the plunge to go back to school at the U of M to get my teaching license in ESL! I love the Seward community and you can often find me getting a snack at the Co-op or walking around the neighborhood looking for books in the Little Free Libraries. I am so excited to get to know everyone!

Noah Mammen AE Student Support
Noah Mammen



Noah Mammen: Minneapolis born and raised, I am passionate about youth advocacy and community involvement. I attended the University of MN, earning a degree in American Studies. My experience as an MPS student led me to Reserve teaching while working as youth sports coordinator at the Blaisdell YMCA in 2007. Starting at Seward as coach/athletic director eventually led to my role as an Associate Educator in the Student Support office which allows

Christof Rochel K-3 SEA
Christof Rochel
me the opportunity work with and support a diverse variety of students with their academic and personal needs on a daily basis.


My name is Christof Rochel, and I'm an alumnus of Hamline University's philosophy department. I'm passionate about social justice, always studying how to be more emotionally and mentally healthy, and love tabletop roleplaying games!




Ali Tennant Media AE
Ali Tennant
Tennant, educated at Sarah Lawrence College in NY, is the Media AE for Seward. She loves the outdoors, art, activism and justice work, and building relationships in the community.



Z Makila -- Pronouns: He/Him; Education: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, Individually

Z Makila Children's House (K) AE Room N113
Z Makila
Designed Interdepartmental Major (music performance, creative writing & psychology). Fun tidbits: I chipped my front tooth in the Matthew's Park wading pool on the whale statue as a kid! I train people in knowing their constitutional rights and how to cop watch in order to keep our communities safe from police brutality. I love sour skittles! 



Hi! My name

Cathy Tolan Student Support AE
Cathy Tolan
is Catherine (Cathy) Tolan Sobol, and I am a Student Support AE at Seward. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, with a BA Degree in Psychology- minoring in Special needs Child Development. I was born in Michigan, grew up in Wisconsin, and have lived in Minnesota most of my adult life, but I am still a huge Packer fan! I love art, traveling and reading. I have been very lucky to do a lot of boating this summer, which I also love! Most of all, I very much enjoy children, which is why I am at Seward!

Steven White AE
Steve White



Steven White, AE.  Went to Arcadia Highschool, BS in Electronics Engineering Technology from Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA. I worked at Honeywell for 11 years, then worked at Lincoln Elementary and Olson Middle school on the Behavior Team for my 2nd career. My wife and I adopted five kids, three of their siblings consider me as Dad.  I love kids and enjoy visiting with my grandkids. I love tutoring Math and learning new ways to do

Aliina Adelman MS AE
Aliina Adelman
Math with Montessori methods. I like walking, biking and haven't gone horseback riding since I was a teenager. I learned to relax from my Father by Vegetable gardening. GEMS & GISE is great because it reminds me of what I was trained to do. I love Lost in Space and similar Sc-Fi movies and Super Man is my Hero. I was on Channel 5 TV with Angela Astore, Thursday's Child when I adopted my son, Blake in 1989.


Aliina Adelman, AE, Middle School. I

Nicole Opstad Children's House AE N125
Nicole Opstad
graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.S. in Rehabilitation Psychology. I love to trail-run, cook, puzzle, and play outdoors in all seasons. Twin-mom to two amazing Freshman at South HS.  Cheesehead for life, Go Pack!


Nichole Opstad, AE, Children's House.  I have an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Development from Saint Paul College.  I enjoy working in our Children's House program where I have the privilege of watching students explore our learning

Ann Green MS AE
Ann Green
environment and make new discoveries that connect their learning to the world around them. Prior to working for MPS I was a Licensed Family Childcare provider for 11years.  In my time outside of work I enjoy cooking and baking, sewing, reading a variety of literature and spending with my family.  


Hi, I'm Ann an AE in middle school. I do the student scheduling and work in all three of Nancy's 8th grade algebra classes.  I also offer a 6th hour, math focused study hall.

Ella Schoenen E1 AE
Ella Schoenen
I graduated from the University of Minnesota, right here in Minneapolis, and hold degrees in psychology, sociology, and anthropology. I have been at Seward for 18 years. This is my second career by choice. I love middle school kids. I admire their curiosity and courage. I believe the most valuable thing I can offer a student is a safe, comfortable place to make mistakes and be themselves. Things you may not know about me: There were only 29 kids in my graduating class (one fewer than Nancy!) and all students kindergarten through graduation were
Emma Crutcher McGowan SEA
Emma Crutcher McGowan
in the same building; I have serious concerns about Zac!! How is it possible not to like pie or Pi?; I do not have cable or internet at home. Consider that, middle schoolers.


Hi there! My name is Ella Schoenen, I am an Associate Educator and I work in E1 classrooms. I went to Macalester College in Saint Paul and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Educational Studies and Geography. I enjoy trying new recipes, playing with my housemate's dog, and picking up hobbies like crochet (so fun!),

Missy Adams AE Testing Coordinator
Missy Adams
and ukulele (so hard!). I love to laugh, so working with the students and staff at Seward Montessori has been a perfect fit.


Emma Crutcher, SEA, graduated from University of Minnesota with a Major in Art and Urban Studies and a minor in sustainability. She loves swimming, cooking, and making people laugh.


Hi! My name is Missy Adams and I’m the Testing Coordinator at Seward. I was born and raised in in Chetek, WI. I graduated from UW-River Falls

Marilyn Terhaar E2 AE
Marilyn Terhaar
with my BS degre in Biology, I love Science! I enjoy working with all grade levels and building relationships with students. Outside of school, I love to travel, play sports, spend time outside and cheer on the Houston Texans 🏈


Marilyn Terhaar, (AE) graduated from St. Thomas with a BA in business and her post-graduate degree, (Masters of International Management),  was earned at the University of St. Thomas.   She supports  E2 students in all subjects .  She loves to be

Abdullahi Ahmed Children's House AE
Abdullahi Ahmed
with her family, garden, be outdoors in all seasons, bake, read and play piano. 

Abdullahi Ahmed, AE: Alumnus of University of Minnesota with dual majors in Biochemistry and Electrical engineering. BS in Biochemistry and BS in Electrical Engineering. Passionate in early childhood education that leads to success in higher education. I have been an associate educator in the district for 11 years, 10 of which at Seward. Mathematics and Science junky!