AMAZE Curriculum Pilots at Seward


Seward News by Rachel Moritz

Our school will be reviewing the curriculum later this spring and making decisions about use in the following year. You can visit the website to learn more:

AMAZE provides customized training, consultation and ready to use classroom tools that incorporate Anti-Bias Education Theory with Social Emotional Learning and the latest research and best practices around the prevention of bullying. It is organized around the principle that all children need empathy and connection to thrive and that building safe environments rooted in belonging and respect for differences has a direct connection to equity, access, and positive social identity for the long-term.

AMAZE includes the Families All Matter curriculum and book project that provides opportunities for whole group and individual learning in which students get a windows and mirrors approach to understanding human differences and how bias affects us all. This program uses high quality children’s literature, guided discussions, journaling, and educational classroom activities that promote critical thinking and align with learning standards.

Look for more information on how this curriculum is being used at Seward in the next issue of the Seward Splash.