Active Recess Beginning Sep. 18th!


Active Recess:

Fun, safe, active play for every kid, every day!
On Wednesday, September 18th, Seward Montessori will be launching Active Recess! Active Recess aims to increase active play and build a positive playground climate. It is being intentional about what happens on the playground and taking steps to help ensure that all kids have an opportunity for fun, safe and active play every day at recess.
Students are given options with Active Recess, such as “Game of the Day” and “Everyday Games” that encourage them to keep their activity level high.
The “Game of the Day” is also a time for student’s to learn how to play group games that build on the social skills they learn in the classroom. A positive playground climate provides opportunity to build relationship skills, practice responsible decision-making and self-management skills.
Not only are their social and physical benefits to being active, but did you know that after only 20 minutes of physical activity kids can increase a growth factor in their brain? Physical activity is like Miracle Grow for the brain! They can actually form new brain cells! After regular exercise, students are more on-task in the classroom, stress is reduced and moods are improved.
Encourage your child to be a participant in one of the new playground games they might be learning or using different equipment than they normally do. Ask your child if they made any new friends on the playground and about what they love best about Active Recess.
For more information please visit MPS Healthy Kids Focused Students at: