What is a school psychologist?

As a school psychologist, I am part of the Department of Special Education, but I work with students in both general and special education.  At Seward, the services I provide include: 

        * Consultation with school staff and parents about individual students’ behavior and academic performance; instructional and behavior intervention strategies for individuals and groups of students; crisis prevention and response; program development and implementation.

        * Short-term skill building with individual students and groups of students, usually with a focus on specific, school-related issues or crisis intervention.

        * Evaluation of individual students for special education eligibility through observation, interview, record review, and direct assessment of cognitive ability, behavior, social/emotional functioning, and adaptive behavior.

        * Program evaluation and research, focused on determining the effectiveness of curricula, interventions and programs and bringing innovative, research-based practices into the schools.

        * Education for staff, parents, and community members about child development, behavior management, disability awareness and support strategies, mental health disorders, and issues affecting the social/emotional health of children.

        * I also supervise and coach the building's Minnesota Reading Corps members who provide daily, individualized reading intervention for students who are at-risk for reading difficulties.