HELLO, EARTHLINGS! Are you proud to be an Earthling? Do you want to STAY an Earthling? Do you want future generations to be able to proudly say that they are Earthlings? If so, then check out this awesome site and learn how to live green and CALL YOURSELF A TRUE GREENIE! We are middle school students in Seward Montessori that attend the "Goin' Green" class. We want to inform you about being green and the benefits of being eco-friendly. We are currently doing MANY projects about being green. We chose to make this web page that you are currently hopefully enjoying. Some of the other projects that are currently in progress are a puppet show, informing the public, planting, collecting recycling, composting food waste, and more.

Here are some simple things you can do to be green:

RECYCLE: By recycling, the amount of trash going into landfills and resources going into producing new products dramatically decreases. However, try to reuse things first because that saves energy that goes into breaking down recyclables. If you rent a house or live in an apartment and recycling isn't available to you, talk to your landlord because EVERYBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO RECYCLE! You can recycle paper, mail, boxboard, corrugated cardboard, cans, plastic bottles with necks (not the caps!), glass, newspaper, mail, (sometimes) pizza boxes, household batteries (check regulations), glass bottles, and a lot more. Contact your recycling provider if you have any questions.

REUSE: Before you recycle, be sure to reuse! You can reuse bags, clothes, bottles (be sure to wash them), and many more things. You can also buy used items such as clothes, automobiles, furniture, TVs, radios, and other electronics. There are special stores just for used things, even electronics!

SAVE ENERGY: If you want to adopt a green lifestyle, it is vitally important that you cut down on natural resource use and overuse. You can do this by simply turning off lights when you leave, open curtains instead of turning on lights (during the day), turn off computers at night, watch less TV, don't leave TVs and other electronics on when they aren't actually being used (for their purpose... ahem!), take quick SHOWERS (not baths!), turn off water when brushing teeth, soaping hands, shaving, etc., carpool, and more. A good way to cut down on water use is plug the drain when you shower and mark where the water comes up to, then the next time, try to get below that mark, and continue that same way. Rather than wasting gas, walk or bike, it's better for you AND the environment.

Almost every day, you probably hear people use terms like "global warming" and "climate change" when talking about the health of Earth's natural environment. So what does it all mean?

Now do you honestly think we'd write that and then not tell you? NO! So read on to find out...

GLOBAL WARMING: This is the process of the earth heating up. Over millions of years, scientists have been able to trace changes in the climate, heating, cooling, heating, cooling, and so on. There's only one problem: recently, they have noticed that it is getting a lot warmer a lot faster. What do you think the cause is? That's right, HUMANS!

CLIMATE CHANGE: This is basically the same thing as global warming, it is the process of the climate changing (funny how that works). Because of the climate changing, polar ice caps and glaciers are melting. Places like Antarctica and Greenland are experiencing major climate change (MELTDOWN!)and if we keep going on the track we are now, soon there won't be a Greenland and a lot of Antarctica will become part of the ocean, which is bad.

Climate change and global warming are both caused because of the carbon dioxide and methane gas in the air.

THE EFFECT ON ANIMALS: Because of humans a lot of animals in the Arctic are dying. For example polar bears have to swim long distances and rely on small icebergs for rest and because of global warming a lot of those icebergs are melting and losing strength so they can't support the polar bear's weight and for the first time in history, polar bears are dying. For similar reasons many other arctic animals such as penguins and walruses are dying.

LITTERING: Littering is a big problem in our world today. Many people think that it is perfectly okay to just throw your Big Mac wrapper or pop can on the ground. They just say, "big WHOOP! Earth, meet my Big Mac!" WELL NEWS FLASH, PEOPLE, it's NOT OKAY! It takes hundreds and sometimes even thousands of years for that junk to break down and become part of the earth. So do us all a favor and recycle the junk.

PVC PIPING: Some of you may have heard of PVC piping.  It is easy to make and it doesn't wear out as fast as other plastics, also, it's cheap.  But, hey, Big Macs are cheap, and they're not good for you, are they?!   PVC stands for Polly  Vinyl Chloride, in other words, REALLY BAD STUFF.  It is very hard on the environment because it is non-biodegradable, and almost impossible to destroy without hurting something.  When burned, it lets horrible fumes into the air, when thrown away it just sits there in a landfill and takes up space, and when eaten it makes you sick. ("Honey, what have I told you about eating PVC piping?  You know it'll make you sick, now I've got to call an ambulance and worry about you while the surgeons take it out of your system before you die!  And it's gonna rack up a HUGE bill, too!")  Some companies are making green alternatives to PVC.  Other companies (like hospitals) are working to get PVC completely out of their building.  You should do this, too, PVC is bad for all of us and in order to stop its use, everyone at risk must work together.  THAT MEANS EVERYONE!     

IF WE DO NOT GO GREEN.......The effects will be deadly and the Earth we know today will cease to exist. Pollution today will cause horrible air quality and we will seldom see clear, blue skies. Global warming will exterminate many arctic species, and, on top of it all, much of the Earth's coasts will be under water. That includes New York, much of California, Greenland, Iceland, and many other beautiful places. Think about this: If we keep doing this, our grandchildren won't see penguins, polar bears, or those BEAUTIFUL New York City lights. Don't you love those? Don't your kids love those? What about their children? And theirs?

GREENIES: If you're green, you're a GREENIE! And that is definetly a good thing! Spread the word! Show people how to be green and volunteer in your community to and make our world a better place. (And not just for the polar bears.) Being green benefits for everyone and is most certainly something to be proud of!

We have recently viewed a video about how climate change is effecting the world of species all over Earth.  Many animals are becoming endangered and some, like the polar bear (as mentioned above) are going to go extinct within the next 40 years!  Kids our age may not even be grandparents then!  What will happen to the human race if the great species around us (*ahem* some that were here LOOOOOONG before us) all die?   Soon, humans will be the only thriving species on earth.  But not for long.


Do you want to be green? You can learn how to make you or your business greener from www.greenlife.com. 

There are all sorts of things that you can do to be green, all sorts of websites have been put up just for being green!  If you want to buy green products to improve life for you and future generations, go to www.recyclingworld.com

To learn more about the endangered/soon to be endangered animals of the world, go to www.wwf.org.  "WWF"  stands for World Wildlife Foundation.  It is a very good charity that helps Earth's animals and keeps them safe.  To learn more about them and there charity or how donate, go to their site!

We've talked a LOT about PVC and other bad things, and we've mentioned some alternatives and solutions, but here is a website that can tell you even more about green ways of life.  it is (drum roll, please) www.ldisolutions.com

If you feel that the information we've provided isn't enough and/or you want to learn more about turning your home into a (duh-duh-DUH) Green Home (hold for applause), a GREAT website to visit is www.greenhome.com.  They have information and products on everything from furniture to kids.  They even have sections on each room in your house!