Band & Orchestra

Seward Band:
Seward offers band instruction to students in grades 4 - 8.
The band program has instruments for student rental for a small fee.
Band students begin with lessons and join the band as their skills allow.
The band gives several concerts each year.
Seward has a new band director for the 2007-08 School Year:
Mike Robinson

About Mike:
I’ve been in the district for 12 years. I started out at Ramsey International Fine
Arts school as a long-call sub and stayed for three years, teaching strings. After
that I took a band position at Anthony and was there for seven years, then spent
two years at Olson Middle School. I am now at three schools; Seward and Barton in the mornings and Folwell in the afternoon. I am at Seward on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

I have heard there are a lot of supportive parents at Seward. The staff has been
wonderful and easy to work with. The E2 students got band instrument demonstrations last week and are trying out instruments this week.

A schedule for returning band students is finished and I plan to start lessons next Monday. I’ve been communicating with parents and staff via e-mail and forms (lots of forms!). I haven’t put the concert dates on the calendar yet
but will do that soon.  I am very excited to be at Seward and look forward to working with students and parents.

My e-mail address is
I answer my e-mails daily.

Seward Jazz Band:
Our jazz band meets on Mondays after school.
Contact Scott Johnson through the school office at 612-668-4950

For more information about Classroom music programs at Seward please see the "Specialist Classes" page.

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