The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra (SPCO) partnership with Minneapolis & St. Paul public schools is called CONNECT. Seward Montessori is one of the original participating schools in Minneapolis. CONNECT has been at Seward for more than 10 years!

Each student in E-1 & E-2 participates in the CONNECT program:
  • An assembly program led by a Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra musician that connects students to the theme of the concert.
  • One enrichment newsletter each school year. The newsletter includes musical vocabulary, a connection to the year's theme, and short articles on music specially written for elementary students. 2013-14 theme is families of instruments.
  • There is nothing like the thrill of live musical performance! And what could be better than having a friend on stage! Each student attends a special SPCO CONNECT concert free of charge. Students usually recognize one of their classroom musician visitors among the performers onstage. The 45 minute concert designed for student listeners is performed at Ted Mann Concert Hall on the U of MN campus in early February.
  • NEW in 2013-14 school year!    Families at Seward are invited to attend any concert by the SPCO for $5 per ticket.  See the attached document.  When making reservations online use the coupon code "connect5"


Concert repertoire is connected to curriculum taught in music class.

Connections are made to newsletter articles and themes as appropriate. Sometimes newsletter activities are assigned as musical homework.

Here is an online book about the orchestra that you can view and hear on your computer.  The book explains how each group of orchestra insruments makes its sound and has closeup pictures.

YOU can connect to the SPCO!
Check out the SPCO website and SPCO family concerts on Saturday mornings.
The SPCO also has programs for families with pre-school age children (ages 3 - 6).
PDF $5 tickets to SPCO concerts   --  For families at CONNECT schools - that means Seward families. The SPCO is offering the opportunity to attend a concert for $5 per ticket. You need to make reservations online.