Open House 2006-2007 School Year Edition

Welcome back to Seward and to the 06/07 school year.  We are ready for the exciting year of learning ahead.  The summer has been a time of renewed focus and learning for staff; many teachers have been involved in taking courses and writing papers.  The engineers have the building looking shiny and clean.

We welcome many new staff members to Seward:

Libby White – Assistant Principal

Jan Ferraro – Secretary

Bridget Hall – TAP Mentor

Lynn Rankinen – Speech Teacher

Catherine O’Brien – Art Teacher

Carole Fink – E1 Teacher

Rita Britton – E1 Teacher

Patrick Conway – Middle School Language Arts

Doug Brown – Middle School Science

Tammy Fecht-Nelson – Student Support

Catherine Henderson  - Special Education          Assistant

Carol MacNamara – Educational Assistant

Veronica Hicks – Educational Assistant

It was a busy summer for me.  I went to South Carolina to Furman University with eleven staff members for Teacher Advancement Program Training.  We are beginning our third year as a TAP school, and I am pleased with the focused, job-embedded training that it has brought to Seward.  My other trip was to the University of Pittsburgh for Institute of Learning training.  We call this training IFL in the district, and it is has become the framework for all operations in the district.  Many Middle School Seward staff have been involved in IFL this summer at the district office. The middle school teachers are learning more about teaching reading in the core content classes.

There are many new families at Seward.  I want to welcome all our newcomers and wish them a wonderful school year.

Remember that I am here for you.  Please drop in or call anytime if you have concerns, or some good news.

You are terrific parents and I thank you for all you do.


Dr. Marilyn,

Seward Principal








Annual All-School Picnic!

September 15th


Watch for details in flyers which will be sent home with students!







The next Splash goes home with students on September 22 (deadline for submissions: September 15).





If you want to get involved…

The Parent, Teacher, and Student Organization (PTSO) sponsors school-wide events such as the fall picnic, winter roller-skating, a culture night extravaganza in the spring, and a teacher appreciation luncheon, to name a few. The PTSO conducts fund-raisers, and advocates for high-quality public school education. PTSO meetings are generally held at 6:30 p.m.

The Seward Montessori Leadership Council (SMLC), composed of parents and teachers, acts as a monthly advisory group to the Principal. The SMLC approves the annual school budget and oversees the District-required Seward School Improvement Plan.          The SMLC also helps make building-level decisions regarding student curriculum, activities, safety, behavior standards, and other topics. SMLC meetings are generally held at 5:30 p.m.


PTSO and SMLC Meetings

Mark your calendar!

September 21: Welcome, Introductions, Discussion of PTSO goals/plans for year, Present PTSO budget for vote;

October 12;

November 9:  Discuss grant requests, how funds will be disbursed.  Possible School Board member presentation;

January 18:  Great Lessons, possible program on Internet use and safety for youth;

March 8:   School budget, district issues, nominations for PTSO and SLMC leadership;

May 10:  vote on PTSO and SMLC leadership, review progress made this past year.






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