Liz Rockman, E1 Teacher
Fall in Room 110
Now that school supplies are purchased, families begin the school year routine.


The best ways to communicate with me are face to face, scheduling an after-school meeting, upon pick up and drop off, sending a note with your child, or by email at:

Please don't leave phone messages on Voice Mail.

We have relatively little time to take a call, or to use the phone during the school day.  The voicemail system isn't reliable, and the phone is tempermental in the room. 

However, I love to see and talk to parents after school.  It's a better way to get to know you and hear about your child's interests and challenges. 

PDF Daily Schedule   --  The news this year is an earlier Lunch/Recess and Prep schedule. Be sure to send healthy afternoon snacks to recharge your child's energy. Snack calendars and reminders will go home each week on Fridays.
document 110 Prep Schedule by Grade   --  First, second and third years are combining with their age groups in rooms 109 and 111 for preps. The schedule will give you the day to send media books, or gym shoes. If you have questions often your child will know the answer. If not, email me, or send a note to school.
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