Genre Studies

Genre Studies Terminology & Due Dates

Genre are the different types or variety of books such as fiction, non-fiction, mystery, realistic fiction, biography, poetry, historical fiction.


Genre Studies are the year long study of reading a variety of genres.  Students will read books at home and at school.  Students then complete either a book report, a genre worksheet, or a project.


Follow Up Work is the work the student produces once they have finished reading their book.  Typically this will be a book report, a genre worksheet or a project.  


Book Reports are a written response about the book.  This will be taught in-class.  See the sample.  


Genre Worksheets are essay type questions. There is a separate sheet for each genre.  


Project-examples are diorama, poster, dramatic presentation.  This is an area where creativity is encouraged!  All “projects” must have a plot summary and theme statement included.  


At-school genre are those books read in class together.  Follow up work is completed in class.


At-home genre are books read at home and follow up work  is completed at home.  Work is turned  in according to due date.  



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the purpose of this work? 

The purpose of this work is…

ο To develop an appreciation and understanding for a a wide range of fiction and nonfiction texts.  

ο Broaden their world experience and increase their knowledge

ο Enrich their knowledge of language, including but not limited to vocabulary

ο Form their own opinions about authors and illustrators

ο Become critical of what they read

ο Develop skills in using the library and in making their own collections of books.

ο Learn to read differently for different purposes. 

What genres will be completed in class?

Students will read from certain genres at school during the Readers Workshop.  


What genres should be read at home?  

Student should plan to read approximately one book per month choosing a different genre each month.  Students should read different genres each time..  



How can I find out what genre a certain book belongs to?

Keep in mind that often books will fall in multiple genre catagories.  However, good places to check are…

ο Scholastic Book Club online book wizard

ο Hennepin County Public Library website at, follow the link to the KIDS pages

o The best Children's Books at

ο Author or book websites

ο Ask your teacher


How can I find out if the book is appropriate for my child?

All students have been taught how to choose a JUST RIGHT BOOK using the five finger method.  Have the child read a page.  Keep track of difficult words on your fingers.  If there are more than five difficult words then the book is CHALLENGING.  If there are 2-3 difficult words the book is JUST RIGHT.  If there are no difficult words the book is too EASY.  It is preferred for the students to read JUT RIGHT books rather than EASY or CHALLENGING books.  


All students are assessed during the school year to determine their reading level.   Ask your child or their teacher for this level.  It will be a letter of the alphabet.  The Scholastic Book Wizard reports this level.  


When are the follow up works due? 

Refer back to your child's classroom teacher.


Where can I find the genre worksheets? 

The genre worksheets are on the E2 website and available in every classroom.  Typically there are about four challenging questions that should be answered in paragraph format rather than with one sentence.  We will model this writing in class.   


What information should my child include in their book report?

The students will be taught how to write a book report. Typically the report contains information about the literary elements such as character, setting, theme, and plot.  Students should avoid revealing too much detail.  It should be written in a way such that you may be enticed to read the book yourself.  


What if my child cannot finish their book in a month?

Think about your own reading habits and the variety of text that you are currently reading.  If the book cannot be finished over the course of a month, then choose a shorter book that can be read in a week or two, use that for the current genre and use the longer book for the next genre.    

How will the follow up work be graded?

Stay tuned for a rubric that will outline grading criteria.  

Due Date                       
Refer to classroom teacher.