Fun Music Links

Here are some links to websites with fun music activities that can improve your musical skills.

Create your own music!  Here is a site where you can create your own compositions.     Or download Finale Notepad - a free download of a fully functional music notation program.  This is a beginners version of the software used by professional musicians.  Finale will play your compositions back to you on the instrument you select.


Compose your own music online by placing rhythmic values onto the musical staff.

Virtual Keyboard

Beat Lab

Learn about musical genres:  Be a member of an online band in various musical styles.

Interested in the Science of Music?  Visit the San Francisco Exploratorium online.

Beat Baseball: Test your knowledge of rhythmic note values

Music Note Name Game:  Learn to read music notes here. 


Music Games from Lomax the Music Hound.  Slide & Seek and Melody Hound are two games to improve your listening and musical skills around pitch.  These games are designed for students in Children's House and E-1.

Classics for Kids has a wealth of information on classical composers and their music. They also have podcasts for download.

Arts Alive, Canada, has a great website with games about music and musical games. Check it out!


Online book about the orchestra and orchestral instrument sounds. This book will be read out loud by the computer along with musical examples.


Phil Tulga's website has many fun games. Check out the fraction tubes and compose your own melody.

The unifix drum machine allows you to create polyrhythmic music (music in many parts with multiple rhythms).


The Dallas Symphony Orchestra has great online activities including lots of games.

Other orchestras with fun online games are the San Francisco Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic.


Although our own Minnesota Orchestra doesn't have a "kids" section, you can follow the orchestra on tour and learn about their musicians. You can also find out about great concerts for families.


Want to learn more about famous composers?  How about starting with Ludvig von Beethoven?  His life is full of interesting stories, fact and fiction.