December 8, 2006




Many thanks to parent Ruth Hvidston for doing the data entry for this year's Seward Student Directory.

The directories will be available shortly.  PTSO is asking for an optional donation of $2 per directory to help offset the $800 printing cost.  Order forms are being sent home and are also available in the Main  Office.




Would you be willing to come have lunch with your child at school? Please consider joining your child for lunch, and helping out as needed in the lunch room and/or playground. You simply sign in at the office, receive a visitor badge, and then enjoy a few minutes together. This is a great way to get to know your child's classmates, as well. You are welcome to come at your convenience, and as frequently as you wish. Thank you.
Lunch times:

10:05-10:40 am- Rooms 124, 113, 114

10:10-10:45 am- 111, 104, 118, 116, 110 (115 pm)

10:40-11:15 am- 101, 102,103,105,109,117

11:15-11:45 am- 203, 204, 205, 206 (6th graders)

11:40 am-12:15 pm- 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212

12:15-12:45 pm- All 7th and 8th graders


Volunteer over winter break! Improve the heart of our school, by helping to install sound tiles in the Multipurpose (lunch) Room.

What: Improve our kids’ lunchtime experience!

When: December 27, 9 am until it’s finished.

To sign up: send an email to, or call Deb at 612-722-9946. Please tell her your name, phone number, and if you need child care.

This project brought to you by the Lunch/Recess Task Force.


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Last Tuesday, Nov 14, Seward students participated in “Mix It Up” day.  Mix It Up day is a national project supporting student efforts to identify, question and cross social boundaries within their schools and communities. In simple terms, it was a structured event to help students make new friends!  During all the lunch periods on Tuesday, students were encouraged to “mix it up” and choose a new place to sit and eat their lunch.  The Seward Student Council helped lead this event.  It was a huge success!

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Kathy Scozzari, from Media, is uploading the MS Update by the end of the school day Friday. Please add the Seward WebSite to your favorites (bookmarks), so that you can access it weekly.


Last Saturday afternoon, I watched my niece perform in the City Children's Nutcracker, at the State Theatre in Minneapolis.  She is newly arrived from Princeton, NJ, and was very excited to be performing on a large stage in a big production. I gave the program a look before the lights went down, and names started calling out to me; I was amazed and impressed that Seward School was so largely and ably represented. From the first scene with Collin Knopp-Schwyn and Nico Dregni crossing nimbly across the stage, to Ruth Kendrick dancing in the party scene, to Annika Myers as a Toy Soldier, to Audrey Jerome, Conner Keefe, Tamar Myers, and Anna Russell roller- blading through the house tossing "cheese" into the audience, to Clarasophia Gust, Iain Knopp-Schwyn, Katherine McGraw, and Shannon McGraw as Harlequins, to Chia Suedel, Tajah Matanah, Sophia Negash, and Jaime Suavez hip-hopping in the Fusion DNZ, Seward kids were omnipresent. Congrats to all our Seward performers! The performance was great!

                                                                     --Beth Lewis


Thank you to Digigraphics (and Craig Davidson) of South Minneapolis for the “very clear” signs that are up in the E-2 and Middle School hallways. There’s no need to ever get lost again!


Free Young Dance Showing and Refreshments

Saturday, Dec. 16, 2:00 p.m. at Barton School, 4237 Colfax Ave S, Minneapolis - use doors on the north side of the building (come in from the Bryant side).  Come see what Young Dance is, support peers, and best of all, find out how YOU can join this dynamic, creative, and fun organization.  The performance features dancers ages 7 - 17 performing modern, jazz, and stilt dancing with original live percussion accompaniment.  For more info about the showing or about Young Dance, call 612-423-3064 or go to  






Thank you to the following students and families who helped with the Minneapolis Public Schools Information Fair: Julia Anderson and Conner Keefe, Brad Turner, Mary Hanson, Julie Carr, Diane Forest, Nancy Moore, Jane Greenberg, Claire Stenson, Sue Westrich, Grace Lindblad, Carol Witte and Johan Cavert, Fariba Sanikhatam and Darya Pruitt, Rose Olson, Miriam West, Jean Lee and Craig Davidson, Janet Madzen-Akale, Mukwelle Akale, Robin Akale, Claire Brady Leighton and Felicia Johnson (South High, Seward Alumni), Grace Lindblad, Seeley Davidson, Will and Macaulay Steenson.



FLU PREVENTION, by Janelle Holmvig, Seward School Nurse.

             1. Cover your cough with your sleeve, not  

                your hand.

2. Wash your hands after coughing into them

    or blowing your nose.

3. Get a flu shot, and ask your health

    practioner about flu shots for your children.

4. Keep your child home if they have vomited

    or had a fever in the past 24 hours. Some of

    our staff and students are immune-

    suppressed, and susceptible to serious


5. Stay home if you’re sick, or getting sick!


5-minute video on flu prevention:



Bill Loizeaux and Leslie Bowman, the author and illustrator of   the children's novel WINGS, will be at The Red Balloon Bookshop (891 Grand Ave., St. Paul) at 2 PM on Sat., Dec. 16. In reviews, WINGS has
been described as "thoughtful," "touching," "tender," "graceful," and "compelling."  Join Bill and Leslie for a reading, discussion, and book-signing.  All welcome.



National Children’s Dental Access Days: February 2 and 3, 2007. Free dental care to children in need. Coordinated by the Minnesota Dental Association, dental care will be provided in many locations throughout Minnesota. Parents or legal guardians can call 211 or 800-543-7709 after January 1, 2007. Operators will have a list of participating dental offices, and will direct parents to a location in their area.





The Minnesota Department of Education sent HIV education material to school nurses and educators through out the state. Resources that may be helpful to Seward families: provides guidelines for talking with kids about issues such as drugs, alcohol, sex, HIV, and violence.

www.mother’ is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to strengthen family communication about sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention. provides information for talking with children and teens about sex and HIV.


Everything You Never Wanted Your Kids to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid They’d Ask): The Secrets to Surviving Your Child’s Sexual Development from Birth to Teens, by Justin Richardson and Mark A. Schuster.

Does Aids Hurt? Educating Young Children About AIDS: Suggestions for Parents, Teachers, and Other Care Providers of Children to Age 10, by Martha Quakenbush and Sylvia Villarreal.

You Can Call Me Willy: A Story for Children about AIDS, by Joan C. Verniero.


For Teens: ,, (sex education for the real world)

            books: Safe Sex 101: An Overview for Teens, by Margaret O. Hyde and Elizabeth H. Forsyth.

            101 Questions about Sex and Sexuality…With Answers for the Curious, Cautious, and Confused, by Faith Hickman Brynie.


Questions about AIDS/HIV can be answered by contacting the MAP (Minnesota Aids Project) at (metro) 612-373-AIDS, (statewide) 800-248-AIDS, or


                                     ---Janelle Holmvig, School Nurse