Classroom Music at Seward Montessori
Music Word Wall in the classroom
Students in classroom music at Seward sing, dance and perform on small percussion instruments. Our class activities lead students to greater skill as musicians. We learn to understand musical content through the arts processes of create, perform & respond in music. Music curriculum follows MPS scope & sequence.

Kindergarten, E-1 & E-2 students attend one 55-minute music class each week.
Additionally, Kindergarten students attend a second music class for one-half of the year.

Orff instruments
Orff instruments set up for the game "Who Has the Penny?"

Music Performances in 2017-18:
Coming soon!  Check back.

Would you like to know when your student attends music class? View the music room schedule.

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  Seward School Song   --  Sung by an E-1 class on the day they learned it, this is Seward's school song!

PDF 2015 Children's House Program   --  This is the list of songs used for the Children's House Program on April 22, 2015.
Instrumental Music Opportunities at Seward

Students in grade 4 and up can participate in Seward's Instrumental Music program.

Contact Mike Robinson for more information.