Children's House Montessori Curriculum

The Children's House curriculum contains elements of the following areas of study and learning.

To learn more about each area, simply click on the heading to open another window of information and photos of materials we use.

Cultural Studies
The Cultural Studies curriculum focuses on one continent each month and it's specific "needs of humans". i.e. food, clothing, shelter, work, music, art, cultural celebrations, and language including physical geography, children of the world, and an introduction to the sciences of botany(parts of a flower and tree) and zoology (classes of animals).
Language arts
Curriculum in the Language Arts includes comparison, description, rhyming, opposites, beginning sounds, story sequence, journals, drawing, nomenclature (word matching) an introduction to letter sounds, vowels, consonants, and reading.
Curriculum in Mathematics includes an introduction to the decimal system, counting, estimating, sequencing, patterning, and addition and subtraction focusing on concrete operations with objects.
Sensorial Exercises
The Sensorial materials isolate a defining quality, such as color, size, sound, texture, or shape, giving concrete representation to an abstract idea.  They help the child to distinguish, to categorize, and to relate new information to what s/he already knows.
Practical Life Exercises
Practical Life exercises, such as care of self and the environment, mirror our culture and serve as a bridge between home and school.  These materials and activities encourage concentration, coordination, attention to detail, good working habits, and independence.