Music in Children's House

Music in Children's House is a time for children to explore basic musical concepts through song, movement, games and playing musical instruments.   Students are often introduced to new songs or concepts through children's books.

Singing is the basis of music class in Children's House.  All children can learn to sing in tune.  Learning how to match pitches is an important part of this.   Some of the songs we sing use only two or three pitches so we can learn to match pitch accurately.  We also sing a lot of traditional songs from many cultures and songs which have games associated with them.

Students also learn to accompany their singing with classroom percussion instruments such as drums, rhythm sticks, tambourines, triangles, jingle bells and more. 

A favorite project in Children's House music is learning about instruments of the orchestra through Prokofiev's Peter & the Wolf.  Students listen carefully to the music and story.  They create puppets to re-tell the story at home.  This study is timed to coincide with study of Russia in the classroom in December.

Throughout the year students sing songs related to classroom themes including birds, the rainforest / jungle, the ocean / fish and Chinese New Year.




PDF Children's House Music Program   --  April 18, 2013. This is the program of songs the children presented with narration from the book, The First Song Ever Sung, by Laura Krauss Melmed.