Welcome to Children's House!

Children's House is a Montessori kindergarten level classroom.
There are currently four (4) full-day classes in Children's House. 

The school day is from 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Room N125     Gwen Lyon
email:  gwen.lyon@mpls.k12.mn.us

Room N127  Elizabeth Hockbein
email:  elizabeth.hockbein@mpls.k12.mn.us

Room N113     Cathy Heyne
email:   Catherine.Heyne@mpls.k12.mn.us

Room N122     Lori Sherrell
email:  lori.sherrell@mpls.k12.mn.us

Feel free to contact us by phone, or by email, with any questions or concerns.

Permission slips for field trips can be found on the "Events and Field Trips" page.  These can be accessed and printed from home in case you misplace the one sent home with your student.