6th Grade Field Trip to Base Camp


"Bullyseye!" "On belay? Belay on!" These are just a few of the phrases heard on October 24, 2013 when our sixth grade students visited Base Camp at Fort Snelling for a day filled with risk-taking, positive peer interactions, and new experiences.

Students practiced the basics of archery, went rock climbing and learned the importance of encouraging one another through team-building games and activities

While we were waiting, we encouraged by telling people where a good spot was to put their foot. This helped them get up the wall. If somebody wasn't climbing they were always trying to help.
-- Matthew

In the slide it shows a team of students who are trying to fit everyone on the box. This is a very good team building exercise because you have to communicate with your team and you also need to suggest ideas. It's just a great game to play.
-- Emma

When we were rock climbing we were both encouraging and helping each other. We all wanted to help conquer our fears.
-- Taylor